Special School for the Hearing Impaired

  1. ULTRA Special School for the Hearing Impaired has been established since June 1992 at Sagarguan village. At present there are 69 students in the school who are availing free education and boarding & lodging facilities. ULTRA is getting grant-in-aids from Women & Child Development Department of Govt. of Odisha for maintenance of students and payment of staff salary. Experienced teaching faculties and adequate non-teaching staff have been engaged for better education and proper care of the disabled children. However, ULTRA is taking all care of Hearing Impaired children for their better staying in school hostel and proper education. Doctor is visiting on periodical basis and affected students are given required medicines as and when necessary as per advice of the doctor.

  2. Rally against alcohol consumption.

    On 10th July ULTRA organized a rally in Sagargaon village where about 1200 public of Sagargoan G.P. had participated. All persons joined in rally were carrying Placard, leaflets and banners against consumption of alcohols. Mainly women were leading the rally. On the same day after 2.00 P.M. ULTRA volunteers organized a public meeting where common people were told about negative effect of alcohol consumption. This rally was ultimately helped many people to give up alcohol.

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