Drug De-addiction Programme.

  1. Work-shop on AIDS Prevention.

    Mostly the truckers are regularly consuming alcohol and involved with sex workers. Since this habit is becoming rampant and giving impact on nearby villages ULTRA volunteers had organized a work-shop at Raja Sunakhala on 15th September 2012 where about 60 truckers and 10 hotel owners were involved. All the participants were explained about causes of AIDS and its preventive measures. Dr. R.K.Behera and a few resource persons were actively involved in the programme and the truckers have properly understood about AIDS and they are quite satisfied. We hope this type of programme has positive roles towards prevention of AIDS.

  2. Rally against alcohol consumption.

    On 10th July ULTRA organized a rally in Sagargaon village where about 1200 public of Sagargoan G.P. had participated. All persons joined in rally were carrying Placard, leaflets and banners against consumption of alcohols. Mainly women were leading the rally. On the same day after 2.00 P.M. ULTRA volunteers organized a public meeting where common people were told about negative effect of alcohol consumption. This rally was ultimately helped many people to give up alcohol.

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