ULTRA has attempted to develop a Society to facilitate the sustainable development process of the target population in its manifestation. However the ULTRA has visualized its focus programs through the following objectives.

  • The objects of the Society are charitable in nature and are extended for the benefit of the general public at large. Special attention should be given to the poor downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

  • To develop a Society for conducting programs of welfare and development of commons with emphasis on socially deprived categories including SC, ST, OBC, Women, Children, Aged and Handicapped, both in rural and urban areas and take up Projects/ Programs on research, publication and documentation on welfare and development.

  • To take up programs on rural development, agriculture and animal husbandry, health and sanitation, training & education, awareness generation, rehabilitation of special need groups, programs of social defense, environment protection and allied programs including human resource and other natural resource management programs including animal care and protection.

  • To establish and run training and educational institutions, disaster management units, renewable energy units, homes for children, women and aged, health care units, de-addiction centers, training-cum-Production units, sports & Cultural Centers, Khadi & Village Industries Co-operatives, self-help groups, marketing up linkages & setups documentation units and such other centers/units for welfare and development.

  • To take up the programs of welfare and development in collaboration with individuals and agencies of Local, National and International level, for the beneficiation of socially deprived castes and categories with emphasis on eco-friendly sustainable development. To organize programs of sports, culture and national integration and encourage peoples participation in all spheres of welfare and development.

  • To establish, maintain Old Age Homes, Day Care Centers for the senior citizens irrespective of caste, creed and sex with a view to utilize their expertise for the welfare of the societies.

  • To explore natural resources, the organization shall promote village industry, cottage and small scale industries, information for rural and industrial development, water and land management, irrigation, agriculture, diary, horticulture, forestry, aquaculture, livestock, poultry, food processing and other traditional profession of the artisans.

  • To maintain orphanages or other children institutions in promoting and disseminating knowledge and information and educate public on child welfare and integrated child welfare programme.

  • To arrange and hold periodical seminars and conferences, workshops on child welfare, women welfare, Handicapped welfare, Drug abuse, social Defence and such other fields connected with Human Resources Development.

  • To seek affiliation with international organizations in the field of the child welfare, women welfare, human resources development, Handicapped Welfare and also shall work in close co-operation with ICSW besides women organization at the National level with a view to achieve standards for activities in the field of welfare.

  • To establish Educational Institutions, Vocational Training Centers for the neglected disabled persons like blind, the deaf, the mentally retarded and specific children in order to build them useful members of the society.

  • To organize music, dance and Sangeeta schools to improve the culture of the State.

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